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What To Consider When Choosing Your Date

What to Consider Before Picking Your Wedding Date

Your wedding date will be one you (hopefully!) never forget – so how do you choose the perfect date for your wedding? There are plenty of ways to choose a date that is either meaningful to you or is likely to ensure you have picture-perfect weather on the day.

A Special Occasion

Getting married on the anniversary of the day you met or had your first date is a popular choice – and so are weddings that take place on other sentimental dates, like what would have been your late father’s birthday, or even New Years or another ‘lucky’ date (July 7, 2007, saw a massive increase in weddings, with people wanting to take advantage of the ‘lucky’ – and easy to remember! – 7/7/07 date.)

Coordinate Your Far-Flung Friends

If you have dear friends who live in different corners on the earth, finding a date where all (or most) of them can make it to your wedding will naturally be a top priority, so expect a long engagement while you wait for a date when everyone you love can be there to see you get married.

Save on Weekdays

Generally, Friday weddings are much cheaper than Saturday or Sunday weddings – and weddings on other weekdays are even less expensive still. If you’re planning a small wedding and hundreds of people won’t have to fake the flu to attend, it’s just common sense to consider a weekday wedding – you could save thousands of pounds!

Avoid Peak Season

Spring and summer are the peak ‘wedding season,’ and you’ll find it hard to secure a booking for your big day at a popular venue in these months unless you’ve planned well in advance – so why not consider an Autumn/Winter wedding? You’ll have the beautiful backdrop of falling leaves or even blankets of snow for your photographs, and your guests are less likely to be suffering ‘wedding season fatigue’ and more willing to hit the dance floor.

Last-Minute Love

Not everyone needs a year or more to plan their perfect wedding – some people just want a simple ceremony with a few guests, and they don’t feel any reason to wait. If the bride has a baby on board, or a much-loved family member is seriously ill and might not make it to a wedding far into the future, a ‘rushed’ wedding may be the perfect choice for no-fuss couples who want to tie the knot and make it official without spending months or years agonising over their wedding’s colour scheme.

(Gently) Trim the Guest List

If you have to invite a bunch of people you don’t really want to be at your wedding, consider having the big day on a holiday weekend – those ‘friends of your parents’ who barely know you are much more likely to use a long weekend for their own solo getaway instead of showing up at your wedding.

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