Weddings at Shearsby Bath
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Weddings at Shearsby Bath

Shearsby Baths Wedding Photographs

Jemma and Adam got married at Shearsby Bath, which is a stunning Leicestershire wedding venue and one that I love working at. The weather on their day had not been perfect, but that didn't stop the bride and groom venturing outside into the venue's grounds in order to take some amazing wedding photos.

I was busy snapping away in various places around Shearsby Baths when I noticed that a stormy sky was starting to blow in behind the couple as I was looking at them. To most people, the onset of a sky like this is a signal to run for cover before the heavens open, but for a wedding photographer it's almost the sky you dream of! I took several photos with a wide angle lens to really capture the stunning details in the clouds as best I could, and as soon as I had taken this photo I knew that I wanted to convert it to black and white in post-processing. The resulting image is awesome, and exactly what I wanted to take from the shoot. We were very lucky in that we were able to see a sky like this whilst staying dry at the same time! Jemma and Adam were absolute stars for the time I was taking their wedding photographs, and I'm sure they'll cherish them for decades to come.

Location: Shearsby Bath Leicestershire.

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