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Wedding Rings Derbyshire Wedding Photographer

Any good wedding photographer will tell you that you have got to take a photo of the wedding rings (or wedding bands) at some point throughout the day. Personally, once a wedding ring is on a hand and the vows spoken, I do not want my couples to ever take their rings off again - meaning my only chance to capture such images is before the wedding itself.

The time where you'd have a cheesy photo after the wedding of the groom holding the bride's hand in such a cliche way that you can see both rings clearly has passed. It is after all the 21st century and your wedding photos should reflect that fact!

For this stunning detail shot of the wedding rings I was able to perfectly balance the brides engagement ring inside her wedding band, which already looked to give me a pretty spectacular photo. I then noticed this amazing dappled-light effect in the background, and chose to include it in the photo as a background feature of the image to really set the image aside from the same-old same old! I then carefully used a flashlight to bright a splash of light into the room, bounced in such a way that it's otherwise impossible to know that flash was used at all. The result, as I'm sure you'd agree is very pleasing to the eye and makes for a wonderful addition to this couple's wedding photo collection.

Image by Derbyshire wedding photographer Aaron Russell

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