Wedding Photography Iscoyd Park - 002
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Wedding Photography Iscoyd Park - 002

There is surely no better send off after your wedding than walking through an aisle, made by your wedding guests where everyone is happy and waving sparkles in there air.

This was the case for Ben and Le-Anne, and boy did their guests pull this off well. I knew from my pre-wedding meetings with the couple that this was what they had intended to finish the night with, and a little planning was involved on my part to make sure it went off without a hitch. To take this photo I organised two lines of wedding guests, one either side of the main door in and out of the Iscoyd Park wedding venue. The real trick when it comes to a photo with wedding sparklers is getting them all lit at the same time. There are actually branded 'wedding sparklers' now that burn for 90-100 seconds, which is a lot better than your more normal, run-of-the-mill sparklers which only burn for 30 seconds. What happens here is by the time you have lit the last one, the first one to take light has already burned itself out and you're left photo-less. You can also get wedding sparklers in various colours, although I'd always recommend sticking with the silver or gold colours. I have experience with the orange and pink sparklers, but the chemical compounds they use to produce these colours burn more like a flare than a tradition sparkler, and produce so much smoke that you can't see the bride and groom standing in the dense cloud that they make! For this image I also had my assistant walking behind me with a constant light source, providing just enough fill light to illuminate the bride and groom, allowing the viewer to see the couple's reaction as well as helping the camera to focus in the first place.

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