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Wedding Photographer Near Derbyshire

This wonderful photograph of Victoria and David was taken before they went to enjoy their wedding breakfast with there guests. Manor by the Lake near Cheltenham is a wonderful venue with amazing outdoor space and this beautiful lined path up to the Manor's front door is just a small part of the grounds.

The sun was coming over the top of the Manor and rim lighting them both beautifully at they made their way to the reception room.

There's something special about these types of photographs when converted to Black & White, with a real classical feel to them. Getting the exposure in these situations is always challenging as the bright sunshine can easily blow out all of the detail in the brides gorgeous white wedding dress.

Using my GFX50s digital medium format camera though this is not a problem. The sensor size of medium format is a whopping 1.7x larger than a full frame professional camera body. What that means is the sensor has an amazing ability to capture the full dynamic range of the scene (dark shadows to highlights).

That said, it's not about putting an Instagram filter on to achieve such an effect. True Black & White image processing is difficult. It's so easy to crush the blacks and lose all of the lovely detail in the groom's suit or the dark flowers on the Manor House. It is also very easy to lose detail in the bride's incredible dress.

When you look at an image on your phone or computer you are only seeing around 65% of the colours I see on my Eizo Colour Edge monitor as 99.9% of displays in the world are sRGB. My monitor is Adobe RGB rated and sees 99% of the colours and tones of what my camera sensor took. This allows me to edit the file with incredible accuracy ensuring the output you see is matched to my monitor.

The Eizo Colour Edge monitor I use is the CG277. This is an investment of £1,600 just to view my photographs on, without my 27" 5K iMac I use for file management and running my wedding photography business.

However, the real magic with this incredible monitor is the ability to view the images as you would on screen but then to change and match how they would look when printed on matched photo paper.

Have you ever purchased a canvas and think, wow, that doesn't look like the image on my phone or computer? That's because the screen is bright when viewing a the canvass is different colour temperature. When I edit your files for print, I match my monitor to print Fuji print stock (called soft proofing) to ensure your photographs look as good in print as they do on the screen.

Location: Manor by the Lake, Cheltenham.

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