Wedding Photographers Leicestershire Album 8
Molly & Sean

Wedding Photographers Leicestershire Album 8

Leicestershire Wedding Photographer

These two pages from Molly and Sean's wedding album show the bride making the final preparations before leaving the house where she was getting ready, for the church and her wedding ceremony.

Molly was getting ready in one of the two lounges in her parents house (the same location was also being used for the wedding reception, and a marquee had been erected in the garden to cater for the wedding guest) and the setting couldn't have been better. The spaces were bright, open and uncluttered and the walls were painted in subtle tones, making the perfect backdrop for photos like these.

On the left page we can see Molly applying her wedding day perfume, specially chosen for the big event. I love the contrast that the two images give here, with the left-most image focusing in on the brides hands and her perfume, with the image immediately to the right showing more of the bride, and allowing you to see her reaction. The bunting in the background adding a welcome splash of colour along with the sofa.

On the right page, Molly can be seen looking at herself in a mirror that was bought for her as a present by one of her bridesmaids. The vintage mirror was presented along with a matching hairbrush that was very ornate.

Location: Leicestershire.

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