Wedding Photographers Derbyshire Wedding Album Design 4
Molly & Sean

Wedding Photographers Derbyshire Wedding Album Design 4

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer

Molly and Sean's wedding album designed by Aaron Russell, the Derbyshire Wedding Photographer.

Molly and Sean's wedding was amazing and I truly enjoyed spending my day and working with and alongside this lovely couple. Molly was getting ready the morning of the wedding in her family home, where her parents still live. The house was also being used for the wedding reception later that day, and when I arrived it was a busy place, with people carrying things to and from the venue and busily getting things set up in the marquee that was being positioned in the back garden. Molly has her hair done by a professional make up artist in one of the two reception rooms at the house. After this was complete, she then used the second reception room along with her bridesmaids in order to apply her makeup. This room was ideal for photography as there were large windows all down the one side that filled the room with a beautiful soft light. The colour on the walls of the room was a green-blue that comes out really nicely in the images and provides a great neutral background colour. These two photos show the bride applying a make-up setting spray which, as you can see, she thoroughly enjoyed! These photos were all taken with my medium format camera and 110mm f/2 portrait lens. This lens is incredibly sharp and this kind of photo is really what the lens does best. At f/2 there's just enough depth of field to have your whole subject in focus whilst allowing the background to gradually blur into an out of focus palette.

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