Wedding Photographers Derbyshire Album 20
Molly & Sean

Wedding Photographers Derbyshire Album 20

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer

Molly and Sean's wedding took place at their local Derbyshire country church, which, to be honest, was tiny. The inside of the church was big enough to contain all of the wedding guests which numbered around 50.

The two main problems we faced (Molly and Sean had two photographers at their wedding) was fundamentally the lack of outdoor space. The church had some grounds, but most was taken up by graves and no-one really wants that in their wedding photos if it can be helped. There were some small areas of grass but they were really over-grown and we couldn't possibly stand a group of people in there (although it did make an excellent space for some couples photos.) The village primary-school immediately next door to the church had been very generous and had allowed us use of the playing field in order to take the main family photos and the confetti picture too. This was the location for the main image that's spread across two-thirds of the double page spread you see represented above. I was busy arranging one of the larger family photos when I noticed these two young wedding guests racing each other across the field. I dropped to one knee (to put my camera at the same eye height of my subject) and tracked them in the viewfinder. I took a quick burst of images and I think this one turned out to be one of the best. I'm so happy the bride and groom chose to include it in their wedding album.

On the left page there are two images from immediately after the wedding, showing the bride and groom being greeted and congratulated by their wedding guests.

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