Wedding Photographers Derbyshire Album 19 of 37
Molly & Sean

Wedding Photographers Derbyshire Album 19 of 37

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer

These two pages are from Molly and Sean's wedding album initial design and show a double page spread. The images included on these pages were taken within minutes of each other, immediately after the church service had finished. The bride and groom made their way down the church aisle and straight outside, as it was a lovely warm day. They were followed soon after by their wedding guests, who each greeted them in turn. This is one of my favourite times of a wedding day to take photos, as you can capture some lovely moments and really memorable, emotion-filled images. For this type of photo I actually like to get in, really close on the action and portray the scene in such a way that makes it feel like you were actually there. I used a full-frame digital SLR camera and a 35mm f/1.4 lens, shot wide open. This meant that the depth of field and look is similar to that of the human eye.

The image on the right page above is one that I always try to achieve in this kind of setting but it's not always possible to do so - I love how the image is a mirror of itself, with the bride and groom both hugging separate people at exactly the same time. The look on the faces of both of the wedding guests is the same, as is their stance, right down to the positioning of their right hands. The black and white conversion makes it all the more powerful.

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