Group Photo Derbyshire Wedding Photographer
Molly & Sean

Group Photo Derbyshire Wedding Photographer

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer

This image is actually a representation of a double page spread from Molly and Sean's wedding album design.

For Molly and Sean's wedding, when myself and my associate photographer first scouted the locations we wanted to use for the formal photos, we quickly realised that there wasn't any real space at the church at all. Luckily, the small village school (and we're talking three classrooms kind-of-small) very Kindly allowed us the use of their school playing field. This was amazing as it was really the only space in the village where we could get the whole wedding party together - we even looked into the fields next door but couldn't see a way inside.

The only problem with using the playing field was that it sloped down and away from the church. This makes things tricky as I would usually prefer to get an elevated view, or have any sloping land coming towards me, with the higher ground further away (picture stadium style seating) as this enables me to see all of the wedding guests. Instead I found a small wall on which I could stand to elevate myself only a little. It really wasn't much and probably not bigger than two feet in total, but it was just enough that I could see the people at the back of the group, who might otherwise have been lost from the image.

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