Father of the Bride Wedding Photographs Derbyshire
Molly & Sean

Father of the Bride Wedding Photographs Derbyshire

Father of the Bride Wedding Photographs Derbyshire

These two pages come from Molly and Sean's wedding album and show one of my favourite moments from the wedding day itself. The left page shows the father of the bride's reaction to seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time. Molly and Sean had requested two wedding photographers for their big day. For years, when I started photographing weddings, I second-shot for a well known photographer a little way outside of Derbyshire - in Worcestershire. We worked together regularly and shot many weddings together. When Molly and Sean asked for a second wedding photographer, it was an easy decision as to who I wanted to photograph this wedding with me - the same photographer who started my career. I was lucky that he wasn't busy photographing a wedding of his own on the day that this lovely couple tied the knot! For the photo you see here, I asked my associate photographer to stand behind the bridal party who were lined up, and facing the door where the father of the bride would soon be walking through (he's fairly short and was able to hide behind the bridesmaids!) At the same time as the other photographer was stood behind the bridal party, I was stood out of his eye-line, pointing my camera and lens towards the girls. As Lee (the other photographer) captured the reaction of the father of the bride, I would capture the look on the faces of the ladies.

Whilst the initial reaction photo didn't make the wedding album, Molly and Sean chose to include a photo of the father of the bride kissing his daughter on the cheek. This photo is such a wonderful photo and one that I am very proud of too. I really like the reactions and expressions that are evident on the faces of the bridesmaids who are watching from the sides.

The room in which these photos were taken was absolutely ideal when it comes to lighting - there was a huge conservatory style glazed section to the left of the bride as I looked towards her with windows all along the outer wall.

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