Family Wedding Photos Derbyshire Photographers
Molly & Sean

Family Wedding Photos Derbyshire Photographers

Family Wedding Photos Derbyshire Photographers

These two pages from Molly and Sean's wedding album design show some of the more formal family photos that were taken before everyone left for the church. The room in which Molly, the bride, was getting ready, was large and bright and really presented the perfect place for these images.

The image on the left shows the bride with her two parents, with the image on the right page showing the immediate bridal party, consisting of the bridesman, maid of honour and two bridesmaids.

The lighting for this image was all completely natural - the patio doors behind were unobscured and open, along with the window that ran down the left side of the room as you look at it. This sandwich of light gave the ideal mix and quality of light - the bright backing light helping to lift the people in the image from the background, whilst the window at the side gave ample fill-light.

Photos like this, before the bride leaves for the church are actually quite rare. Whilst everyone wants to have photos like this taken, more often than not, the bridal party take a long time making their finishing touches which eats in to the time to take photos. It's a little sad that people are willing to sacrifice photography-time but it's either that or have a shorter wedding!

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