Family wedding album spread Molly and Sean
Molly & Sean

Family wedding album spread Molly and Sean

Family wedding album spread Molly and Sean

Here's a double page spread from Molly and Seans wedding album. Molly and Sean had an A4 wedding album with an acrylic front cover containing 34 pages. This double page spread shows a collection of 4 images, all of which are candid photos from the wedding reception which was held at the bride's family home in the countryside.

There are so many options when it comes to wedding albums it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. The hard part for the couple is choosing the photos to include in the book, and the hard part for me is making them all fit together properly on the page. These kinds of candid wedding photos tell the real story of a wedding, which cannot be done any other way. Posed images may have a little more perfection (because why wouldn't they when you control everything?) but there's limitless realism in a true candid wedding photo.

The best way of taking these photos is with a long telephoto lensed trying to stay out the way as well as you can. As soon as people realise that you're there taking your photo the environment completely changes, as does the very nature of the thing that you're trying to photograph.

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