Double Album Spread Derbyshire Wedding Photography
Molly & Sean

Double Album Spread Derbyshire Wedding Photography

Double Album Spread Derbyshire Wedding Photography

This is the double page spread from Molly and Sean's A4 sized wedding album.

The couple were using a small local church in order to get married, and were hosting their wedding reception at the brides' family home. The house itself was large, with two living rooms and 6 bedrooms, but the big garden was already being used to host a marquee which was the setting for the wedding breakfast and reception.

the church didn't have much going on either when it came to outside space. There was a small grass are that was flanked on all sides by grave stones, which to be honest, no one really wants in their wedding photos. The grass either side of the church path was also so long, it would have been impossible to take any photos here.

Luckily, the local school were very happy for us to use their playing fields in order that we could take the group photos. This was the only open area of space that we really had access to so it was a real life saver on the day.

There was a small wall which I actually stood on in order to gain an elevated position above the wedding guests. This is important as you can stand people in more rows back than you otherwise would, making it a lot easier to see everyone. The bride and groom had asked for a specific photo of them holding up a sign that read 'thank you' which they wished to use for their wedding cards after their big day. We thought that we'd combine the taking of this photo with the confetti photo, which you can see here.

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