Derbyshire Wedding Photography Album Design 13 of 37
Molly & Sean

Derbyshire Wedding Photography Album Design 13 of 37

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer

Molly and Sean's wedding album here shows a double page spread where the groom, best man and ushers first made it to the church. At this wedding I had my second photographer with me, and I had tasked him with photographing the groom arriving at the church and taking a few candid photos as he did so. I remained at the family home, photographing Molly and the bridesmaids in the final stages of their wedding preparation - applying make up and perfume, getting in dresses and wedding shoes etc.

With my second photographer at the church before the groomsmen, all he had to do was wait in the ideal location that the party could make a natural, unscripted entrance to the church. Keeping well back, my second shooter was able to capture the most honest recording of this event possible.

Top left on the left page you can see a close up of the groom's buttonhole wedding flower and handkerchief. I like to try and take this photo where I can, as so many photos exist of the bride's flowers but little attention is often paid to the flowers that the boys are wearing. The right hand image on the left page is a candid photo that Lee Webb, my second photographer took of the groom walking up the aisle in church, looking back to talk to his best man over his right shoulder. On the right we can see a selection of the natural photos that Lee took as Sean and his groomsmen made their way down the path to the church.

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