Derbyshire Wedding Photographers Album Design 34
Molly & Sean

Derbyshire Wedding Photographers Album Design 34

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer

Molly and Sean's wedding reception took place in a marquee that had been erected on the parent's of the bride's back lawn at the family home. Opting to do things very much their own way, they had decided against having a DJ or a band, or anything formal really. They had a small space in which to dance once the top table had been removed, but their wishes for the evening was more a quiet drink with friends instead of an all-out party. That didn't stop the bride and groom taking to the small dance floor however after cutting their wedding cake. The music was played through speakers and was hooked up to an iPod that was being controlled by one of the groomsmen.

On the left most image on these two pages from the couple's wedding album design, we can see the young couple kissing immediately after cutting their wedding cake - alarmingly still with the knife in hand! The image towards the centre of the pages as well as the image on the right show the couple dancing.

Usually, during the first dance I choose to use off-camera lighting as most of my clients choose to dance when it gets dark; the lights get turned down and the mood is a lot more romantic. As Molly and Sean got married around the longest day of the year, this was never going to happen (unless they had their first dance at 11pm.) This made my life as a wedding photographer a lot easier - I didn't have to set up any lights, and the white marquee acted as a giant photographic soft-box, producing nicely diffused, delicate light.

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