Derbyshire wedding photographer album design 26
Molly & Sean

Derbyshire wedding photographer album design 26

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer

This is a double page spread from Sean and Molly's wedding album. The couple ordered an A4 wedding album which contained 38 pages, over 19 double page spreads. The design work was carried out by myself using images chosen by the couple. In the design process, occasionally I'll design a page that looks really good but sometimes there's space for an extra image. Here I'll add in a photo of my own choosing before getting back to the couple once the design is complete, telling them of any changes or additions I've made.

The church in which Sean and Molly got married was very small and one of the only buildings in the village, apart from a school (where we took the group photos) a few houses (one of which was used for the wedding reception) and a pub which was used for the drinks reception. The pub in question is the one you can see in the image on the left hand page of this album design demo, called the Black Lion. I took a few photos outside the pub which wasn't easy as the main road of the village ran just past the pub itself. There was also an issue with some local youths on bicycles but the less said about that the better really! On the right hand page we can see some candid images of the wedding guests and the groom enjoying themselves inside the pub. The drinks reception was a welcome break in the middle of the day - the food was excellent and the beer went down a treat!

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