Derbyshire Wedding Photographer Album Design 14
Molly & Sean

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer Album Design 14

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer

These two pages from Molly and Sean's wedding album show the critical time when the bride is arriving at the church, with her chosen method of transport being a vintage VW Camper Van wedding car. The small village church is only accessible to road vehicles by this small private driveway, which was just wide enough to get the wedding car up. The bridesmaids and Man of Honour (think a male maid of honour) had already arrived at the church and were waiting for the arrival of the bride and her father, who were coming in the second trip in the camper. Conveniently for wedding photography, the bridesmaids, man of honour and the mother of the bnridehad all lined up to one side of the path meaning they could get a clearview of the bride as she approached. I took this photo looking down the line of people in order that the image tells the best possible story, setting the scene in the photo if you were. An image showing the camper can coming up the drive on it's own would not necessarily be a bad image, it would just lack the relevant context to make it a really strong wedding photo. Once the bride and her father arrived and the camper van wedding car had come to a complete stop, I asked that the bride, her father and the bridal party all lined up in front of the van to allow me to take a photo of the whole wedding party before we headed inside to the church.

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