Derbyshire Wedding marquee album spread
Molly & Sean

Derbyshire Wedding marquee album spread

Derbyshire Wedding Marquee Album Spread

This is a double page spread from Molly and Sean's wedding album, which was A4 in size and featured a photographic front cover. In this arrangement the images are spread our symmetrically with 4 images per page. The top left image on the first page shows a young girl chatting and laughing with her mother. The next image in, second from the left on the top row shows the grandmother of the bride talking with one of her close friends. The next image over shows a pair of groomsmen standing and chatting after the speeches were given. The image on the far right on the uppermost row shows the father of the bride standing to deliver his speech. I really like how the mother of the bride who is on the left of the image (therefore sat to the right of the father of the bride) is looking at him. These two had their own wedding years ago and the look of love is still real between them. On the second row, we can see two people enjoying themselves and being deep in discussion on the left-most image. The next image in shows a lady reacting to one of the speeches. The next two images both show reactions from people sitting on the top table to the speeches of the groom and the best man.

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