Derby Wedding Photographer Album Design 9 of 37
Molly & Sean

Derby Wedding Photographer Album Design 9 of 37

Derby Wedding Photographer

Molly and Sean held their wedding reception at the bride's parents family home in the countryside. The house was large, but not quite big enough to be able to contain and cater for all 80 wedding guests. Because of this, a large marquee was set up in the garden. This would be the location that the wedding breakfast would be served, the speeches delivered and after that the first dance would take place.

Early on in the wedding day, Molly was using the house to get ready alongside her family and friends. Mid way through the morning, some of Molly's relatives had arrived from out of town, and they were all getting ready downstairs in one of the living rooms. I casually dropped in to say hello, and at the same time started taking a few candid photos of the two grandfathers sorting out their cufflinks. Soon after, the remainder of the family arrived in the same room and asked me to take an impromptu photograph of them all together. The light wasn't ideal, and the setting not perfect but I took the photo anyway. I was really happy to see that the bride and groom chose to include these photos in their wedding album.

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