Church Wedding Album Spread Derbyshire
Molly & Sean

Church Wedding Album Spread Derbyshire

Church Wedding Album Spread Derbyshire

This double page spread from Molly and Sean's wedding album design shows the most crucial part of the wedding day- the wedding ceremony itself!

The top left image on the left page shows something slightly unusual in that it's simply a photo of the shoes of the bride and groom. I recognised this opportunity as I was standing at the very back of the church during the service and thought that it would look 'cool' which honestly isn't something I think or say very often at all!

The image directly below shows the orders of service, in situ, as they were being read by the time by some of the wedding guests. The final image on the left page (the only portrait one) shows the scene as I saw it from the back of the church. I took this wedding photo with a wide angle lens. I always find the roofs inside churches fascinating and this one was no different. The bride and groom are small in the frame but that just works to give a sense of scale to the photo.

On the right page is a montage of wedding ceremony photos. I love the design I've used on this page, it's something very different to anything else that appears within the album. The main image shows the bride and groom sharing their first kiss after exchanging their vows and the giving and receiving of rings.

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