First Look Derbyshire Wedding Photography
Leanne & Ben

First Look Derbyshire Wedding Photography

A first-look is something that's been a thing in the USA for over a decade now, but it hasn't properly made it's way to our shores in that it's not a full-blown tradition like it's rapidly becoming on the other side of the pond. A first look is just that - it's a set-up scenario where you are there to capture both the bride and groom's reactions to seeing each other on their wedding day for the first time. The photographer has complete control over the settings and the timings and if everything goes to plan you're left with some stunning photos that would otherwise be impossible to capture.

For the main image of this spread, on the right hand side of the design you can see an image of Ben's reaction to seeing the bride for the first time. People have sang for years about there being a 'look of love' and after being sceptical about it at first, I can now honestly say that there really is a look of love. You see it in the eyes of the people you're working with (hopefully) and it's such a warming look. It will melt your heart, and I was lucky that my second photographer was there to capture this amazing moment between Ben and Le-Anne on their wedding day.

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