Derbyshire Wedding Photographers Album 26
Leanne & Ben

Derbyshire Wedding Photographers Album 26

Ben and Le-Anne dreamed of having the perfect winter wedding, and were hoping for it to snow on their wedding day - to keep with the winter/Christmas theme, the couple had organised for a reindeer to be present, complete with a Santa's sleigh too! The bad news for the happy couple was that snow was not forecast (which is no bad thing for the wedding guests getting to and from the venue) but not to worry - the couple had also organised their very own snow machine!

I wanted to get something quintessentially christmassy and to do that I needed to combine all of the elements that I had present. Reindeer, snow and sleigh. I order to get the highest possible volume of snow into the image, I chose to stand further back and shoot in at the couple with a long telephoto lens. This meant that I was shooting from a further distance, through more air and therefore a higher concentration of snow too. I set the camera to shoot at 12 frames per second as I felt it was very important to get a photo where the bride and groom's face and eyes were clearly visible. There was so much snow blowing around that I took over 30 images in around 3 seconds in order to get exactly the one I wanted. Not only is this a great wedding photo, but what a Christmas card this will make for years to come!

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