Derbyshire Wedding Photographers Album 21
Leanne & Ben

Derbyshire Wedding Photographers Album 21

This is one of my favourite double paged wedding album designs from Leanne and Ben's wedding. I love so many things about it - I really like how all of the images fit together so well to tell a story in the way that they do. I love the colour though, there's so much going on on this page and everything is just so vibrant. It's a really head-turner when I show potential clients this wedding album which I have a copy of as a sample to show people. These two pages show the story from the moment the bride arrives at the end of what's commonly and wrongly called the aisle (the bit down the middle of the church isn't called the aisle but the central passageway, the aisles of a church are actually the two walk ways on the outermost side of the pews, between the pew-ends and the inside part of the church's outer wall)

In subsequent photos we can see a lovely moment between the bride and groom and then the exchanging of the wedding rings. In the first photo I really zoomed into the image in order that the wedding rings and the bride and groom's hands filled the frame. The final two images (on the right hand side of the page) show an image taken from the back of the church where my associate photographer was standing.

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