Derbyshire Wedding Photographers Album 19
Leanne & Ben

Derbyshire Wedding Photographers Album 19

This double page spread from Ben and Le-Anne's wedding album design shows one of the most critical parts of the wedding day - the bride making her grand entrance on the arm of her father. For the top images on the left hand page I positioned myself in such a way that I could both photograph the bridesmaids as they entered but also see the bride and her father in the back of the frame. Where possible, I employ the same method but shooting past the groom, meaning that the viewers are able to see both the bride and grooms reactions to each other.

The photo on the right page of the spread was one that was difficult to take, and I really had to be on my toes. There were large candle holders that extended way up over the head heights of myself and the bride and groom. This meant that there was a physical barrier in my way. I knew that I could get around it by taking photos with the bride on one side of the obstruction and the father of the bride on the other. As it happened, I was able to execute this plan and the photo worked well in the end.

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