Bridal Makeup Wedding Photography Derbyshire 2
Leanne & Ben

Bridal Makeup Wedding Photography Derbyshire 2

I am always asked why I wish to get to where the bride is getting ready at the same time that hair and makeup arrive in the morning. 'What is there to do for 5 hours?' or 'I don't want loads of photos of my makeup being done' and I can understand where brides are coming from, but that's really not why I'm there for so much time during the morning of a wedding. The morning of a wedding is a great, fun time where the bride surrounds herself with the people she loves the most in the world. Usually her best friend as maid of honour, and her other closed friends filling in the role of bridesmaids. Parents are usually there in the morning too, which usually means people have a lot of fun before the wedding. The emotions here can also run high, so I like to be on hand to photograph every eventuality, every tear - whether of happiness or sheer emotion. Like many other things, when it comes to wedding photographers it's always better to have them and not need them than need them and not have them. I don't mind working long hours, I rather enjoy it in fact, and being there with the bride in the morning is a great opportunity for them to get used to me being around and the constant sound of the camera shutter going off.

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