Wedding Photos Album Derbyshire
Charlotte & Andrew

Wedding Photos Album Derbyshire

Wedding Photos Album Derbyshire

Charlotte and Andrew's wedding album design by Aaron Russell, a professional Derbyshire wedding photographer.

Charlotte and Andy got married in church, and one of my favourite photos to take at church always has to be the confetti shot. Sure, you can take a confetti shot anywhere and at any time, but I really feel like some of the excitement and magic is lost if you don't do it the moment that the bride and groom are married. There's a certain magic in the air that only exists for a short space of time and it's really nice to make the most of that in the photos.

Charlotte, Andrew and myself went back inside the church as soon as all of the guests had left in order that we take a couple of photos of the bride and groom inside the church. Whilst this was happening, the groomsmen, under my instruction, had started to organise the wedding guests into two long lines, either side of the church path, ready for the confetti photo that was about to follow immediately. I have found that the best way to take this photo, when it comes to being the most time efficient as is possible on the wedding day, is to get the wedding guests to line up first, and then get a groomsman or bridesmaid to go along the two lines whilst handing out the confetti. This avoids the bottle neck you often get when you allow the guests to come forwards and collect confetti before making the two lines.

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