Wedding Photographers near Tamworth
Charlotte & Andrew

Wedding Photographers near Tamworth

Wedding Photographers near Tamworth

These two pages from Charlotte and Andy's wedding album design show the dress and decor of the wedding reception venue, before any of the wedding guests had seen it... almost.

After leaving the church, Charlotte, Andy and all of their wedding guests made their way to the wedding reception, ready for the drinks reception and wedding breakfast. I do think it important to try and get photos of the room setup before anyone else has seen it, as it really only looks like this once!

I was in the reception room, taking photos of the wedding cake and cupcake tiers as well as the general room layout when two of the bridesmaids made their way into the room to have a look for themselves. Instead of stopping shooting, I continued to cover this part of the day and it was interesting to see their reaction to things. These images also made a nice addition to the couple's wedding album as you can see here.

The image far left depicts the aforementioned wedding cake and cupcakes, with the three other images on that page showing a photo of the cake in relation to the rest of the room, the bar area and then finally the bottom image showing the present and gift card table. On the right is the only image that the bride and groom chose to include of the bridesmaids having a sneak peek of the room!

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