Wedding Photographers In Derbyshire Album Spread
Charlotte & Andrew

Wedding Photographers In Derbyshire Album Spread

Wedding Photographers In Derbyshire Album Spread

This image shows the representation of a double page spread from the design of Charlotte and Andy's wedding album design. During the design process of a wedding album, I am able to send various pages to the client to get their opinion on the layout - whether they'd like certain images bigger or smaller, rearranged or replaced completely.

Nowadays, instead of sending the image files to the client as I usually would, I invite them into my office where they can relax on a comfy sofa with a cup of coffee in hand, and view their wedding album design coming to life on a 50 inch high-definition television. One recent client described the experience as being 'one of the best things she'd done for her wedding!'

The two images used on this double page spread both show Charlotte, the bride in the early stages of having her makeup applied. On the left page you can see a photo showing the bride and professional make up artist laughing with each other as members of Charlotte's family look on. On the right hand page you can see more of a close-up image of the bride having her make up applied by the MUA. The image on the left was taken with a 45mm lens on my medium format camera system, with the image on the right being created with the same camera, this time using a 110mm portrait lens.

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