Wedding Confetti Photographers Derbyshire
Charlotte & Andrew

Wedding Confetti Photographers Derbyshire

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer

These two pages from Charlotte and Andy's wedding album show photographs that were taken immediately following their church wedding ceremony in Derbyshire. Having spoken with the bride groom in the weeks before their wedding, I knew that they really wanted a big confetti photo taken as soon as the left the church. Because of this, as the wedding guests started to exit the church, I asked the bride and groom to stay behind, thus allowing me time to set up the photo that they were after. I asked for the guests to form two lines, one either side of the church path. Once in place, I set about giving out the confetti that the bride and groom had supplied. When everyone was in position, I asked the bride and groom to make their way out of the church and through the avenue created by their guests. The couple were showered with hand-thrown confetti, but the real pivotal moment came when they reached the end of the line closest to where I was standing where a couple of the guests had confetti-cannons. These produce an almighty bang and shoot confetti over a distance of around 10-metres. For photography these are great as they use particularly large confetti petals which show up much better in photos.

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