Wedding Album Spread from Kedleston Hall
Charlotte & Andrew

Wedding Album Spread from Kedleston Hall

Wedding Album Spread from Kedleston Hall

These two pages from Andrew and Charlotte's wedding album show a really relaxed time of the wedding day. The wedding itself was amazing and after a great set of speeches all of the wedding guests made their way outside to relax on the lawn. At this time of the wedding day, everything tends to slow down a little. The guests relax and take the day a little easier, and because of this, there are fewer photographic opportunities than you might experience as a wedding photographer earlier in the day. It's simply because less new things are happening. That's not to say however that there's nothing to photograph - far from it.

My job as a wedding photographer is to capture the day as it happens - that means that if the guests are relaxing, my job is to show that that's what was happening at that time of the day, and not to take time off myself!

My preferred method of photographing this part of the day, as with a lot of things, is to use a long lens and shoot from far-enough away that the guests are otherwise unaware of my presence. This means that my being there doesn't influence the scene, which is really important in order that I am capturing the scene as it actually happens, instead of photographing the scene that's reacting to me.

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