Tamworth Wedding Photographers Album Design 14
Charlotte & Andrew

Tamworth Wedding Photographers Album Design 14

Tamworth Wedding Photographer

This double page spread from Charlotte and Andrews wedding album shows the moment that the bride entered the church from the back, escorted the entire way by her father.

Every time I get to a church, especially one that I have not worked at before, I always make sure that I speak to the vicar before the ceremony starts to make sure I can stand where I want to. Where possible, I'd like to stand at the front of the church so that I can shoot back down the aisle as the bride walks in, and see the ceremony from the vicar's perspective.

Luckily with the vicar for Charlotte and Andy's wedding I was allowed to stand at the front of the church, meaning I could get exactly the photos I wanted when the bride and her father walked in. On the right page, we can see the reaction of the mother of the bride and she watches her daughter and husband walking down the aisle together. For both of these images I used a long telephoto lens in order that I could shoot the action from slightly further back. This is very important as in a church you are usually not allowed to move around otherwise you risk not being invited back!

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