Reception guests wedding album spread Derbyshire
Charlotte & Andrew

Reception guests wedding album spread Derbyshire

Reception Guests Wedding Album Spread Derbyshire

This is a double page spread from Charlotte and Andy's wedding album. The couple chose to have an A4 wedding album and picked 80 photos for inclusion in the album. This album design features photos which are entirely of the bride and groom's choosing. When it comes to ordering a wedding album, I usually ask the bride and groom to choose their own images which in itself is no easy feat - On average I deliver somewhere in the region of 700 wedding photos and on average the wedding albums contain somewhere in the region of 70 photos. This means that you have to choose 1 in 10 of your wedding photos and that cannot be an easy task. from there that's where the really hard work begins on my part - making them all fit together. The page on the left shows a candid moment of a couple of wedding guests enjoying themselves whilst the page on the right shows the bride standing for a more formal photo with some of her wedding guest. The light in the image in the right really couldn't be more perfect. I really enjoy taking wedding photos in the last hour of daylight, often referred to as the 'golden-hour'

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