Porsche Wedding Car Derbyshire
Charlotte & Andrew

Porsche Wedding Car Derbyshire

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer

This double page spread from Charlotte and Andy's wedding album shows a Porsche Convertible model D wedding car. I have seen many types of wedding car over my years as a wedding photographer, but I must say that this is the first time that I've seen a Porsche wedding car, and such a rare model Porsche too makes this extra special. There are many reasons why the Porsche Convertible D isn't your average wedding car. For example, it's quite rare, with only 1330 being produced and not many at all being produced in right hand drive for the UK market. Most wedding cars tend to be slightly larger too, opulent grand-tourers like Mercedes Benz', Rolls Royce, Bugatti and Cadillac are much better suited to the duty of transporting the bride and her bridesmaids to a wedding. After all, these large saloon cars feature ample space to get a wedding dress in. The Porsche Convertible D however - not so much. Whether it was designed for this or not (and it most certainly wasn't!) the bride got to the church on time and in great style too! I am a fan of my classic cars and this is a really beautiful example of a rare thoroughbred.

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