Derbyshire Wedding Photography Album Design
Charlotte & Andrew

Derbyshire Wedding Photography Album Design

Derbyshire Wedding Photography Album Design

This double page spread from Charlotte and Andrews wedding album shows the wedding speeches.

The best man's speech especially is one of the things most looked forward to at a modern wedding, and a lot hangs on it!

The top left image of the left page shows the bride and groom being announced into the wedding reception which is a very traditional thing to have done. In order that it works out correctly, you need to make sure that the guests are seated in a timely manor as to not keep the bride and groom waiting on their own outside for what seems like forever!

The next photos on the left page all show various guest reactions to things that were said during the speeches. You can see the groom and best man both making their speeches in the bottom two photos. I purposely zoomed out in both these images in order that I can capture the reaction from the guests and family of the bride and groom as this really goes a long way to telling an authentic story. It's very easy to just take photos of the groom talking during his speech for example, but without context the image is almost meaningless - that photo of the groom talking could be taken at any point during the wedding day. Zooming out or standing back to show the wedding guests seated, champagne in hand and listening to what's being said firmly lets the viewer know that it's the official speeches you're looking at.

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