Derbyshire Wedding Photographer Wedding Album 9 of 38
Charlotte & Andrew

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer Wedding Album 9 of 38

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer

Here is a twin page spread from Charlotte and Andrews wedding album which was a4 in size and landscape in orientation. Each of these two pages of the wedding album hold two photos which is good for symmetry, although there are a plethora of design options that the photographer can choose from.

These four wedding photos show the bride in the final stages of her preparation. The first image from the left shows the classic image of the bride having her wedding dress done up by her mother. The second image in from the left is a posed photo of the bride looking at herself in a mirror. The third photo in from the left, or the first photo on the right hand side shows a more intimate portrait of the bride, looking at herself in the mirror. The image on the furthest right shows the hairdresser putting the veil in the brides hair. I really like to see brides wearing veils which isn't all too common these days but when it comes to photos it's a great thing to work with and gives you many options for some really artistic images. I think these four images work really well on the page together especially seeing as all of the images are complimentary in terms of colour.

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