Derbyshire Wedding Photographer Album Design 35
Charlotte & Andrew

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer Album Design 35

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer

This double page spread shows just a single image, placed on it's own in portrait orientation on a landscape orientated image. Now to the outside this might look like a mistake, but it's actually done on purpose in order to give the most visual impact that it can. I'm sure we've all seen the advert that Volkswagen put out in the newspapers several years ago in a newspaper, just a blank white page with one tiny line in black font in the middle? That's exactly the same tactic that I am employing here and it's works just as well. This isn't a single page with loads of empty space, this is a single image on a white space so you appreciate what's there more - you don't mind the fact that most of the page is white, it just makes the image that is present much stronger.

This image was taken at the front of Charlotte and Andrew's wedding venue. It actually wasn't as easy to take as you might expect - there was a busy main road outside the venue that had plenty of traffic on it during the time I was trying to take this image. Besides dodging a few cars and trying not to get myself ran-over, I had to time the image just right that I didn't get any cars in the photo either.

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