Derbyshire Wedding Photographer Album Design 32 of 38
Charlotte & Andrew

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer Album Design 32 of 38

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer

These two pages from Charlotte and Andy's wedding album show a couple of images from the photoshoot part of that that that's often called the 'couples photos' for obvious reasons - that they contain only the couple!

For Charlotte and Andrew's wedding we took a short walk into the Derbyshire countryside, away slightly from their wedding venue. There was a large field at the top of a small bank behind the wedding venue which the light light from the setting sun was hitting nicely. I wanted to walk the bride and groom up here to take some photos, and the walk itself proved to be quite pretty and worth photographing. I started simply with the bride and groom walking away from me, holding hands. This is a very natural looking photograph and is a great way of showing the bride and groom as they actually were on the day. For the photo on the right I had asked the bride and groom to stop and look at me over their shoulders. Once I had taken this photo, I asked for the bride and groom to give each other a quick kiss and this is the resulting image. During the post processing of Andrew and Charlottes wedding photos I decided that I really like this image in black and white, and it was indeed this version of the image that the couple choose to include in their wedding album.

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