Church Wedding Photographers Derbyshire
Charlotte & Andrew

Church Wedding Photographers Derbyshire

Church Wedding Photographers Derbyshire

These two pages are taken from Charlotte and Andy's wedding album initial design.

On the left most page we can see the groom and the best man, awaiting the arrival of the bride. I love the expression on their faces, that look of excitement mixed with quiet apprehension. On the right page there is a montage of four images that all combine to tell the story of the bridal party arriving in church and then making their way down the aisle towards their seats, in the case of the bridesmaids.

I really enjoy the juxtaposition of the images on the page, with the angles of the photos on either page working together - the groom and best man actually appear to be looking back towards the bridesmaids as they walk towards them. For these images I used my fastest shooting camera and a moderately long telephoto lens. Using a longer lens and standing back meant that I was able to stay completely out of the way, and allow things to play out naturally. Because of this, you get the most accurate and natural representation of your wedding day.

The white page backgrounds that were used here add a real separation between the two pages, separating the men on the left from the ladies on the right.

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