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Charlotte & Andrew

Bride Photos Wedding Photographers Derbyshire

Bride Photos Wedding Photographers Derbyshire

The time immediately before the bride leaves for the church or wedding ceremony reception can be a stressful one. Its the same story at every wedding - the bride and bridesmaids leave a certain amount of time to get ready (usually one hour per person so for a bride and 4 bridesmaids you can expect the preparation part to take 5 hours) but the last hour always disappears.

The first hour seems to take three hours, and the last hour seems to take 5 minutes. This is usually the reason why brides are late. It's not fashionable, it's usually not intentional - it just always happens this way. That last hour isn't really an hour at all!

What makes this more difficult for a photographer is that I have to leave about 20 minutes before the bride does in that I can get to the church or venue, have a quick look around, chat to the vicar or registrars, meet with the groom, photograph him and the best man and then be ready again in time for the bride to arrive in the wedding car. Because of these time constraints its not always possible to take family photos before the bride leaves. Sometimes it just doesn't work out in such a way that's possible. For Charlotte and Andy's wedding though, things did work out. That last hour still went by in the blink of an eye, but there was still enough time to photograph both the bride with her father, and then separately with her mother too.

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