Shearsby Bath Leicestershire Wedding Photographer
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Shearsby Bath Leicestershire Wedding Photographer

Shearsby Bath in Leicestershire is a beautiful wedding venue and one which I have had the pleasure of visiting many times.

This unique Leicestershire wedding venue offers top class food and hospitality that you can only really receive at family-run institutions like this one.

The venue also boasts extensive grounds which are perfect for some truly gorgeous wedding photos, just like this one of Jemma, the bride.

During the course of any wedding I always like to get a simple portrait of the bride in her wedding dress, and I just adore how Jemma looks here. I took this bridal portrait with my medium format camera and 110mm portrait lens. This gives the effect of keeping the bride perfectly in focus, revealing all the intricate details of the wedding dress and allowing everything else in the image to be rendered softly out of focus. Jemma's wedding dress was a beautiful lace and satin design with a sweetheart neckline, lace sleeves, train and matching veil. The ensemble along with the delicately coloured roses of her bridal bouquet all add up to give a vintage feel. The elegant pose I have used here is unique in being able to show off details in both the front and back of the wedding dress as well as the flowers at the same time.

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