Ringwood Hall Hotel Chesterfield
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Ringwood Hall Hotel Chesterfield

Here's a cracking photo showing the groom, best man and his ushers making their way towards the wedding venue. It's easy for the bride to steal the show on the wedding day, but you still have to really nail some photos of the groom and groomsmen. I always find that the best time to do this is in the hour or so before the wedding, where all the men are dressed and ready to go, and are quite often restless and slightly bored!

Getting photos of the groomsmen walking like this is a very care-free and relaxed way of doing so, and really allows the characters of the people in the image to shine through. You certainly don't have to do any directing whatsoever with photos like this. Point the boys in the right direction, tell them you don't want them to run and off they go! In order to get the most natural photos in instances like these, I prefer to shoot with a long telephoto lens and take photos from a distance. I always think that the closer I am to my subjects the more I am likely to influence their behaviour. Of course if I'm far enough away that they can't see me at all, that's when I'm going to get a totally naturally image.

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