Rainy Wedding Photographs Derbyshire
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Rainy Wedding Photographs Derbyshire

What happens if it rains on my wedding day?

This is something that I hear a lot. In fact if I had £1 for every time I was asked this, I probably wouldn't need to photograph weddings at all!

This sounds odd, but rain is a tool just like anything else on your wedding day. Photographers will see a sunset and think 'I can do something with that' but very few look at rain in the same way.

For me, I find the best time to work in the rain is at night, where you can contrast the brightly lit rain drops (if you're using a flash) against the dark night sky.

For this photo I placed a powerful off-camera flash behind the bride and groom, pointing back towards the camera. This works in a couple of ways, first of all providing a rim-light around the bride and groom, apparently lighting them from the dark background. At the same time the light illuminates the rain drops that would otherwise be invisible to the camera. Finally the use of a white umbrella means that enough of the light bounces off the inside of the brolly and finds it's way to the bride and groom, lighting them perfectly - after all umbrellas have been used as a lighting tool for as long as there have been photographic studios. As you're able to bounce light off the inside of the umbrella, it means you don't need to use another external light source in order to light the front sides of the bride and groom.

If it weren't raining and there was no umbrella, you'd need another light facing the couple which would risk the lighting looking unnatural.

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