Album spread church signing Derbyshire

Album spread church signing Derbyshire

Derbyshire Church Wedding Photographer

This image shows a double page spread from Molly and Seans album. The couple decided upon having an A4 wedding album with a an acrylic front cover and bound in black leather. The album itself held 42 pages and displayed in the region of 80 images.

These two pages show images that were taken as the wedding register was being signed by the groom. Before the wedding I had asked the vicar whether or not photos could be taken of the signing of the register. I know that normally this isn't allowed to do date protection issues, but photographers are usually allowed to do what's known as a mock signing of the register - that is where the wedding register is turned to a blank page, and the couple allowed to pose with the register for photographs. However when I came to do this, for whatever reason the vicar had a sudden change of heart and decided against it. Luckily my second photographer had taken this sneaky image of the bride signing without the vicar knowing. The page on the left shows the father of the bride, who looks so proud as he watches his daughter sign the wedding register. The right hand page shows the secret image of the bride signing her signature.

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