Wedding Photographers Derbyshire album design 4

Wedding Photographers Derbyshire album design 4

This is a double page spread from Ben and Le-Anne's wedding album design. the couple chose to have anA4 landscape digital-style wedding album with 30 pages as standard. The front cover was photographic.

The left page of this spread shows an ultra-wide angle photo of the room in which the bride had chosen to get ready in. I really enjoy this type of photo although it's one that I don't often take. You need to be in just the right position in order for this photo to work, and on this particular wedding I just happened to be there at the right time. Super-Wide angle photos such as this are really useful for showing people in their environment and how they are interacting with it. It's a useful took when there is a lot going on in a small space, and the photo usually works best, in my experience, in black and white.

On the right page we can see a three-photo set taken at roughly the same time as each other. We can see the maid of honour embracing various people in two of the photos whilst the mother of the bride has her hair done in the middle image. The stark white page background really makes these monochromatic images stand out.

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