Wedding Photographers Derbyshire Album 29

Wedding Photographers Derbyshire Album 29

This wedding album spread from Le-Anne and Ben's wedding is a favourite of theirs. Taken shortly after the wedding ceremony and formal photographs at Iscoyd Park. The sun was setting fast and with the cloud cover, I had to move fast.

I love how soft the light is in these photographs really complimenting the gorgeous couple. I asked the venue to turn the lights on the trees so that I could have them in the background adding incredible depth to the first image.

All of the photographs were taken with a long fixed focal length prime lens. This allows me to step away from the newlyweds and creates beautifully smooth backgrounds really separating them so that the focus is on them and them alone.

The last two photographs were taken just before the wedding breakfast on the steps outside of the house. As I was now in complete shadow due to be so close to the building and the low light I chose to use my Profoto studio strobes with a small softbox. This allowed me to add some pop to the images and have a direction of light that I could control to enhance the details on her dress and lower my camera ISO setting so that I could create images that are incredibly clean and free of digital noise that can happen when the light level drops and the ISO increases.

To see what I mean, take a photo on your phone in a dimly lit room and then zoom into the image. You will see the image breaks down. What this means is that when you go to print you end up with photographs of poor quality.

When you are considering your wedding photographer don't be embarrassed to ask about the quality of their photographic equipment. You want to feel confident that the person with whom you are trusting to photograph one of the most important days in your life takes an equal amount of care in ensuring that they have everything covered.

Location: Iscoyd Park.

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