Wedding Photographers in Derbyshire Album 27

Wedding Photographers in Derbyshire Album 27

This image represents the centre page spread of Ben and Le-Anne's wedding album. The album that this lovely couple chose was an A4 digital wedding album with a photographic front cover. The albums I use are unique in that they allow printing across the centre of the page with no no visible line of loss in quality. This means that you can print a double page spread, with a person's face over the centreline to the book and still be able to see them perfectly clearly.

The standard size wedding album hold around 85 images over 30 pages, but you can add more pages to suit if you'd like to include extra photographs. The albums can be made up to include 100 pages which would allow for the display of up to 500 images - theoretically you could include almost every wedding photograph that I deliver in the book!

For this group photo, as with as many group photos as is possible, I got into an elevated position above the wedding party and wedding guests. This means that I was able to shoot down on them at roughly a 20 degree angle of attack, which meant that I could easily see everyone's faced, including those not in the front row. Getting an elevated position over your subjects is useful because otherwise you'd have to have everyone stood in one or two rows that are perhaps 50 people wide. Instead you can have 5 rows of 20 people which produces a much better looking picture. Two rows of people with 50 people in width would be a very long and thin photograph and be very hard to do anything with.

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