Wedding album Derbyshire Wedding Photography

Wedding album Derbyshire Wedding Photography

This double page spread from Le-Anne and Ben's wedding albums shows some of the most important and get-it-now or never photographs that you simply cannot repeat if you get it wrong.

First up on the far left is the bride in the wedding car. Le-Anne's dress was massive, and it really was a tight squeeze getting her into and then back out of the wedding car! Her look of subtle angst and anxiety I think says all you need to know.

The middle-right image shows an artistic wedding photo of the bride's shoes as the walked. I knew I had to try and grab this photo as she walked as the light falling on that part of her was just perfect. The warm tones of her skin contrasting so well with the whites of her wedding dress, now rendered a cool shade of blue thanks to the camera's exposure.

I really like the image on the top right of the spread too, I worked hard to include both the maid of honour and father of the bride in a photo alongside the bride, as she made her way down the path towards the church.

The lower right image shows the wedding party just as they are about to make their way inside from the cold. The late winter sun was low in the sky, casting golden light over everything. This side lighting looks very similar to the type of effect you might try to produce in a photographic studio where you have complete control over the lighting effects.

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