Derbyshire Wedding Photographer Album 11

Derbyshire Wedding Photographer Album 11

This double page spread is easily one of my favourites from any wedding album that I have yet made, largely because of the simply stunning photo of the bride that takes up most of this design. I had been with Le-Anne for most of the morning, only taking a couple of breaks to photograph the groom who was also getting ready at the same location. When it came time for the bride to get into the wedding dress, I stepped outside, letting her have her privacy. I asked that she call me back into the room as soon as she was 'decent' that I could get the all-important photos of the wedding dress being done up. When I walked back into the room, this is the scene that greeted me. What's hard to tell from this beautiful wedding photo, is there's actually a bridesmaid underneath the train of the wedding dress, on the left of the image. It turns out that some of the material that made up the underside of the wedding dress was catching somewhere, and due to the sheer size of the dress, the easiest way to sort this out was to literally get inside the dress with the bride.

Whatever was happening and whatever the reason behind it, I could not had posed the bride better if I had tried. The best thing of course is that she was getting into the dress in front of the mirror, of all the places she could have got dressed she chose the best one.

The bride was also roughly side on, with her head and body turned towards the window, the source of light. This produces a beautiful slither of light down the side of her body, lifting her from the background. This type of side lighting is incredibly flattering too and is very similar to the type of lighting you'd try to recreate in a studio environment.

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