Brides Friends Leicestershire Wedding Photographer

Brides Friends Leicestershire Wedding Photographer

Brides Friends Leicestershire Wedding Photographer

This image represents a double page spread from Charlotte and Andy's wedding album design.

The photo on the left side shows something really different that I wouldn't normally do - a photo showing the shoes worn by the various wedding guests as well as the bride.

The image on the right page is a formal photo that was taken using the same people as were in the shot on the left. Placed side by side, I love the contrast that these comparative images give. The image on the left being macroscopic in appearance, focussing on a singular detail whilst the image on the right shows the setting in which the first image occurred.

For both of these photos I used my crop-sensor body Fuji camera and a wide angle zoom lens, set to around a 35mm focal length that represents the field of view that the human eye captures. It is important to use a lens that's not overly wide in terms of focal length, as doing so often leads to the distortion of people's features, especially in those towards the edges of the frame.

One interesting thing to note between the two images is that in the first image, the sun was behind cloud, giving a very soft and subtle feeling, yet in the second image the sun is out, producing a much more vibrant image with a real warmth.

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